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Ubucomet i need a rank i am a Mod on Hc Thanks and if you can. also can i have one for ts?
I do Ubu :)
Congratz on EventOP Ubu!
Look at my appeal. -.-
Nice ubu! Also congrats on event op!
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1.7.8 Issues

Iphonetips1 a posted Sun at 20:40
Hey everyone, at the moment we are updating to 1.7.8, but some plugins are having issues adapting, so in the mean time some of the server will be down, we will be looking to downgrade them to 1.7.5, to keep them online!

Thanks for the help and hope you all understand!

Alliance Downtime

SuchDallas a posted Mar 28, 14
For those of you who play on Alliance you have noticed that the server is down and i am posting this because of all the questions about the downtime alliance is whitelisted because it is being updated we will inform you when Alliance is back up Thanks.

Server Situation

Iphonetips1 a posted Feb 16, 14
At the moment this is a update on why the servers have been going up and down...
The server at the moment are having some DDoS Problems and we are working on a fix for them but ever option we go for seems to get shot down instantly.

We are sorry for the downtime for the server and hopefully we will have something to introduce to your guys once the servers are up!

Server Upgrades!

Iphonetips1 a posted Jan 31, 14

Hey guys so with all the awesome work you guys have done on the server, we are now upgrading all of our dedicated servers tomorrow!

The server have now been bought and we plan to transfer all files tomorrow at 3PM GMT

So for this time the whole server network will be down for maintenance.

What will be upgraded?
- OP Server Dedicated Server
- Alliance / Drugs New Dedicated Server
- New Server for Kits Server
- Proxys for the Connections to the server

For updates while this is happening please check the server twitter where we will be constantly updating you on whats happening!

New Networking Fixes!

Iphonetips1 a posted Dec 30, 13

We have been working around the clock to get you the least Lag possible (and by we i mean Iphone, and by around the clock i mean, when ever i have time ;))

But we have tried something which may help out alot! We have made it so that not everything is so stressed on our proxy when connecting to the server so the load is all spread out, which we think was a contributor to the lag spikes with many players online! Sooo Awesome!!

Also to all you EU player we have now set up a special IP just for you guys where you connect to a EU server so the ping should be less then connecting to our original US servers

IP - EU.TheLegendCraft.Net

Once again have a great Hoilday and a Awesome New Year!
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